Parent Council Openings

The Providence Parent Council is a group of volunteer parents who represent their child’s grade in grades 6-12. There are two representatives per grade level. These representatives are advocates of the school, administration, and parents. The Council was created with the goals of increasing communication among and building relationships between parents, teachers, administration, and the school community at large.   Parent Council strives to answer questions and seek solutions on school-wide initiatives as well as supporting the implementation of new procedures. The Parent Council also serves as a welcoming committee to ensure a smooth transition throughout the school year for families who are new to Providence. 

Parent Council Representatives are chosen to serve through a process of application of interested parents and are chosen by a committee to serve for a two-year term, with one representative rotating off each year. An exception will be made for 6th grade (one representative will serve 1 year, one will serve 2 years). Any other representative could potentially serve another two years if they become co-chair/chair for a maximum of 4 total years. 


If you are interested in or have questions about serving as a grade representative for your child’s grade next school year on Parent Council, please contact LeAnne Chrischilles via email