Health & Safety Protocols

We look forward to the year ahead and are grateful for your partnership in keeping our Providence community safe.  Below you will find our current health and safety protocols. 

Illness Guidelines

Remote Learning

Quarantine Guidelines

Students who are exposed UNMASKED must quarantine for 14 days despite CDC’s update.
The 14-day quarantine is due to many factors, but we will readdress updating our Providence protocol as needed. If your child tests positive for COVID, it is a 10-day quarantine with day 0 being the date that symptoms began, or if asymptomatic, then the date of the COVID test is day 0. 

  • The student and household members should not come to campus.
  • The student’s family should contact the school nurse.
  • The affected community member’s identities will be protected.
  • The household member who tested positive should remain home isolated as recommended by the CDC for 10 days since the symptoms first appeared and at least 72 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved.
  • Household members of the affected person should monitor for symptoms and are quarantined from campus activities for 14 days after the last exposure to the positive household member.
  • Students and household members who have had COVID-19 in the previous three months, confirmed by a positive viral test do not need to quarantine but should monitor for symptoms as recommended by the CDC. 
COVID-19 Log

Students who are quarantined must monitor their symptoms during the days they are quarantined using the COVID-19 Log Sheet and return the log to the Nurses Office which is located in the Lower School Office before attending school. This log sheet is a requirment and may be emailed to Download Log

Remote Learning Grades K-5

Students who are quarantined in Kindergarten through 5th grade need to communicate with their child’s teacher via email while participating in remote learning and homework will be sent home via the teacher.  In addition, a COVID-19 Log Sheet must be filled out if a student is out due to exposure or a positive COVID test.  The log must be returned to the Nurses Office,  prior to attending school, which is located in the Lower School Office. Download Log Sheet

Remote Learning Grades 6-12

Symptomatic Students

For students who are ill or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, we are asking them to stay home to prevent possibly spreading the virus to our students and teachers. Please communicate your child’s situation to In addition, you will need to email and also let your child’s teacher(s) know that they will be attending class virtually.  Most of their classes will be available via Zoom through a Canvas link.

Please keep in mind that that the Remote Learning Option is not intended for student convenience, but rather a necessity due to personal illness. Administrators will be in contact with families whose students may be abusing this option and may request documentation. Students who drop in on Zoom unnecessarily may often experience academic challenges due to a lack of materials since it is not a pre-planned absence.

Quarantined Students
If a student needs to be quarantined due to exposure outside the school, please contact the school nurse’s office by email, or call  (904) 223-5270. 

If a student is sick with symptoms that could be related to Covid-19 (fever, cough, breathing issues, etc.), then we would ask them to please stay home and, if well enough, to participate through our Remote Learning option. If a student is sick, parents must email all 7 teachers, as well as no later than 7:30 AM (ideally the evening before) so that the teachers will know to open Zoom for your student during their class. The school nurse will contact each family to discuss symptoms and a return-to-school timeline. Students who choose this option for a given day will not be eligible for athletics or any other after-school activities on that day.  

Remote Classroom Expectations Grades 6-12
    • Students should be seated in a professional, dedicated workspace such as a desk or a table. 
    • Students should be wearing a Providence School uniform top such as a Providence polo shirt or Providence hoodie. 
    • Students should have their video on and center themselves in the video frame so that teachers can see the entire face of the student for the entire class period. 
    • Students should be free from distractions during class such as phones, food, and pets.
    • If a student needs to leave the Zoom meeting for any reason, they should ask permission from the teacher and Zoom students should wait to be dismissed at the end of class. 
    • Just as in the regular classroom, students should be self-advocates and speak up or raise their hands if they need something. If a student has a question, can’t hear or see, etc., then they should alert the teacher. 
    • Students should be able to access printed materials, textbooks, and other required resources. This may require access to a printer or the ability to come to pick up supplies from the school. In the event of a quarantine, parents may coordinate with the administration to have supplies brought to them in the parking lot.


A COVID-19 Log Sheet must be filled out if a student is out due to exposure, quarantine, or a positive COVID test.  The log must be returned to the Nurses Office,  prior to attending school, which is located in the Lower School Office. Download Log Sheet

Academic In-School Day

Classroom Learning

Providence is pleased to offer a normal classroom experience from Preschool – 12th grade. Classroom surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. The learning environments have been set up to enable accurate contact tracing if needed.  Students are required to wear masks, social distance, and wash their hands frequently.


Providence students, teachers, and staff are required to wear masks while in the building at all times. Masks are worn not only to protect the student, but those around them. If your child’s mask is lost or soiled, they can pick up a disposable mask in the Lower or Upper School offices, but please consider packing an extra mask daily.  Neck gaiters, valved/filtered masks, and face shields will not be permitted. We ask that your child wear a cloth or medical mask that loops over the ears and that a clean, fresh mask be worn daily.

Online Learning

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize there may be individual circumstances in which a student is quarantined and must participate in online learning. While the on-campus experience cannot be entirely replicated, we are committed to helping these students stay connected and learn from home until they return to school.

Remote learning will consist of students video conferencing with Zoom into a live classroom with faculty relying on digital resources along with other classroom materials. Technology hardware will give remote learning students the ability to participate in classroom activities. 

Lunches & Snacks

Lunches will be served via cafeteria servers or individually packed for each student. Students will eat lunch with their class during which their lunch period falls. The Preschool has their own cafeteria. Students in Grades K-1 will eat in the Lower School Cafeteria. The Main Cafeteria serves students in Grades 2-12 and also have access to an outdoor dining space.


Be sure to pack healthy snacks for the school day. The Concession Stand will not offer snacks at this time.


Students are not allowed to order lunch delivery from outside restaurants.

Common Areas & Breaks

Students are encouraged to spend time outdoors when possible.  Some teachers will access an outdoor space to have class during the day.  Common areas that remain open will be marked with signage indicating the safe maximum occupancy. Students will be supervised to maintain social distance in common areas. We will use electronic screening technology to assist us in monitoring mask usage, occupancy, and social distancing in common areas.

Campus Visitors

Providence will be restricting non-essential visitors on campus this year during the school day. If your child has forgotten something truly essential—medication he or she must have, for example—please contact your child’s division to arrange a drop-off. 


Students arriving late will be required to check-in at the Main Office upon arrival.

Their will be limited attendance at fine arts and athletic events.  Please refer to the next section.


After School Activities

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated in this fast-changing and very fluid situation. Due to COVID-19, there are times games and fine arts events are cancelled as late as the day of a game. Please be watchful for updates and information from Providence via email and social media. 

Athletics, Fine Arts & Clubs

Supervised activities such as academic teams, clubs, and athletics will all be modified this year.  Games will have limited attendance at this time.  Advisors and coaches will communicate these changes directly with students and parents. Game Day Information

Events - Virtual, Postponed, Cancelled

You will receive notifications of field trips, athletic events, and other extra-curricular activities via email or in the weekly newsletter @theProv.  

Extended Day

The Extended Day program during the school year and continues to follow safety guidelines and protocols in regards to COVID-19.

Providence Preschool

Providence Preschool’s number one priority is and has always been, upholding our commitment to maintaining safe, healthy school environments for your children. We understand and share the continued concern about COVID-19 and its effects on our Providence community.  We have taken extra precautions to keep our preschool safe and are grateful for your continued trust and confidence in Providence.  The protocol for the Preschool is different from K-12 students.  To learn more about Providence Preschool, please visit our webpage. Contact Mrs. Lori Benson at for more information or to check space availability and have your child placed on our waitlist. 

Technical Support

If your student has difficulty with a school-issued device, accessing school-related software, or using other digital tools necessary for online learning while ill, please use the help button in the bottom right-hand corner.  For general information and frequently asked questions, visit our Help Desk Support page.